Conscious Sedatives & Dental Anxiety in Calgary

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Sit Back & Relax

Dental anxiety shouldn’t prevent you from getting comprehensive oral care. Our compassionate and genuine dental team is here to help put your worries aside, and one of the ways we achieve this is through conscious sedation dentistry.

Conscious sedation manages the discomfort and anxiety you might feel from seeing the dentist while keeping you awake and responsive for your appointment. So sit back and relax—the team at Symmetry Dental is ready to help you.

Understanding Dental Anxiety


Nearly 50% of Canadians have avoided the dentist in the past due to anxiety, which can stem from upsetting experiences, oral surgeries, past orthodontic work, and more.

Anxiety can present itself as sweating, shaking, nausea, increased heart rate, or agitation. If you struggle with dental anxiety, be sure to let our team know and we will work diligently to ensure your experience is as relaxing and comfortable as possible. 

We completely understand that seeing the dentist can be stressful for some, but we are here to support your oral health and wellness. To help, we may recommend a conscious sedative to ease your anxiety while we continue with your appointment.


Our Sedative Options

Sedation can come in many different forms, but we will discuss the best options for you based on several factors. The type of sedative you take can vary depending on your age, weight, and previous health history.

Before taking a sedative, we may ask you to avoid alcohol for 24 hours and follow certain instructions on eating or drinking. After taking the sedative, we may ask you to avoid driving or operating machinery and avoid exercising. 

We will discuss all of these expectations with you prior to your appointment.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is a sedative you inhale through a mask before starting your appointment. Nitrous oxide will keep you conscious, but it can help manage fidgeting, gagging, and even pain you may experience during your appointment.

Nitrous oxide may also be used to keep children calm and comfortable during their dental appointments.

Oral sedatives can be more powerful than nitrous oxide, but they serve the same purpose: to keep you relaxed yet responsive. We may recommend an oral sedative if you have an extreme case of dental anxiety.

Because oral sedatives may take longer to wear off, we will likely suggest arranging a ride to and from your appointment.

A Comfortable Experience Awaits

Take charge of your dental anxiety and get the oral care you deserve. Our team will be happy to discuss our sedative options and whether they are right for you or your family members. Book your appointment today!

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